No Trip Complete Without A Theme Song? Keep The Memories Alive With This Map

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A trip without music is incomplete; it is like going to Switzerland and not seeing the Alps. Having the appropriate music is essential to heighten the experience. Music knows no boundaries, you can be anywhere in the world and not know the local language but you might connect with someone if you like the same music.So how cool would a travel map be if it helps you in remembering your favourite music from a trip. If you are already excited by the thought of such a map of the world, then without further ado let us introduce you to Scratch Map Travel.

Scratch Map Travel For Music Lovers Globetrotters:Scratch off maps were introduced to the world in 2009 by Luckies of London and have taken the world by a storm. They have continued to be of service to travellers since then and have continued to make scratch maps for everyone. With the Scratch Map Travel, they have tapped into the hearts of music loving globetrotters. This world map comes in the fun size of 42 x 29.7 cm and can be taken with you on your travels, owing to the strong gift tube it comes rolled up in.

  • An Ode To The Original Theme: Scratch Map Travel has an extremely simple yet elegant theme of glossy white and gold fold with bright happy colours filling the countries once you scratch off the top foil.
  • Remember Your Trip Songs Forever:Turn the travel map over and find the place to jot down your hit most sound track on the trip along with details such as the artist name and album. Now you can always go back in time and relive your happy adventures whenever you listen to this song.
  • Space For Some Photo Ops: The backside also has some space for putting up photos before and after the trip. Got a nice tan on during your trip to the Amalfi coast? Show it off on the map!
  • Plot Your Next Trip: With the white and black map of the world on the back, you can start planning your next escapade on the go. Maybe you are inspired by the story of northern lights in Norway by your fellow traveller and want to go there next. Plan your trip on this travel map along with your mode of transport.

Summary: Scratch Map Travel is the ideal map of the world for those who cannot survive any trip without some groovy tunes.

Author Bio: Mark Finch is an aspiring guitarist who believes everything is better when there is music.