Historic Laos: Things to Do in Vientiane

Laos isn’t usually the first country that springs to mind when planning a trip to Southeast Asia. We usually pick Indonesia, Thailand, or Malaysia as the destination of choice. That said, Laos is actually a very interesting destination to consider. The country has a long history and deep cultural roots that are fascinating to explore.

Laos has a number of hidden gems. You can explore the country by first visiting its capital city, Vientiane. To help you plan an exciting trip to Laos, here are the things you can do while staying in Vientiane.

A Luxury Treatment

Laos is the perfect place to enjoy an entire day of spa treatments. The culture of this country and its people certainly create the right ambiance for a truly relaxing day off. You don’t even have to leave the hotel since many luxury hotels in Vientiane offer spa treatments and maximum pampering.

The best hotel in Laos Vientiane, is the Crowne Plaza Vientiane. The hotel has all the right amenities for a remarkable holiday. Aside from the beautiful rooms, perfect location, and the gorgeous landscape surrounding it, Crowne Plaza Vientiane is also home to the best spa treatments.

Explore the Night Markets

The evening is when you want to explore Vientiane’s local markets. There are local markets and groups of street vendors alongside the Mekong River, and they are there every night. In fact, the market by the river is exactly where you want to be to experience Laos at its best.

Another interesting thing about the Mekong River market is how pleasant it is to shop along the river. You don’t have to worry about vendors trying to pressure you into making purchases. You can see the items, talk to the sellers, and simply have a nice evening walk if you like.

That Luang

That Luang is one of the places you definitely need to visit while in Laos. Known as the Great Stupa, That Luang is a sacred monument that represents what Laos is all about culturally. The place is incredible; make sure you have your camera ready because you won’t believe the view here.

There are several other cultural and religious sites worth exploring. The famous XiengKhuan or Buddha Park isn’t exactly in Vientiane, but you can reach the park easily. This is where you can find giant statues of Buddha in different styles, each with a lot of stories behind it.

The National Museum

It is easy to forget that Laos was once part of the French Colonial Empire in Southeast Asia, especially when you think about how pure the culture in Laos appears to be. That said, a visit to the National Museum will change that assumption entirely.

The museum’s building has a strong colonial sense to it. It was built during the French Colonial era and it has been preserved well until today. This is where you can find exhibits from different eras of Laos, including Khmer sculptures and exhibits from the Vietnam War.

Even after following these four tips we covered in this article, you will still find so many things to do in Laos. Laos is one of those destinations that reveal more layers as you explore the country further. It is simply magical to visit.