Why You Need VIP Hotel Security

Hospitality security is essential for VIPs that are travelling because it acts as the base of operations for said VIP and their security detail. High profile guests have even been known to choose a hotel based on the fact that they provide or accommodate VIP protection services in South Africa.

Emergency Management for Hotel Security

Having an emergency management plan employed at your hotel with effective security in place is essential to meeting industry safety standards. Emergency management is in place to prevent the loss of property and life. No one wants to employ the services of a hotel with a reputation of leaving their guests in the lurch, especially when it comes to safety.

This involves keeping an up to date emergency plan with regular drills, informed staff and clearly indicated emergency exits. This is crucial due to the fact that hotelsoperate all year round and are susceptible to both internal and external threats.

Providing VIP Guests with a Secure Environment

When a VIP travels they tend to make use of a security services company to ensure they are safe while at the hotel and going about their business in the area. Hospitality security should ensure no guest (VIP or otherwise) is harassed while staying on their premises. This is difficult to promise when dealing with a VIP and hordes of admiring fans rushing the doors.

VIP protection services are available in South Africa for exactly these kinds of scenarios. This team will have been specially trained, knowing the area and what to be on the lookout for. Not only will you be provided with a professional who is aware of their surroundings, but who is also an expert in hotel safety awareness and dealing with problematic guests as discretely as possible.

Professional hospitality security teams are trained in safety and as close protection. Yet, that’s not all; these individuals have been trained to be friendly and helpful while remaining vigilant and protective. They are trained to safeguard the hotel’s brand by acting as a contributing member of society that is friendly to guests and always professional. This allows them to build a client liaison based on their reputation for outstanding service.

Hospitality security is integral to the overall architecture of a client’s security detail, especially while travelling.

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