How to Have a Family Holiday to Lake Como

Are you looking for the best place to have a family holiday in Italy? Check out Lake Como. Not only does it offer everything from spectacular nature and historical attractions but it’s easy to reach from Milan. Whether you’re booking one of the vacation houses in lake como or visiting on a day trip, you’ll find Italy’s favourite lake meeting all expectations. Here arethe essentials onhow to bring your family to Lake Como.

The Best Time to Visit

Lake Como attracts visitors at all times of the year from those looking to catch the sun in August to others wanting to enjoy a winter wonderland in December. Peak season inevitably falls during the warmer months when millions of Italians and international tourists descend on the lake. At this time, you can expect masses of tourists, inflated prices and a crowded feel in the small lakesidetowns. While you might be able to cope with this as an adult, this probably isn’t fair on your children.

Instead, consider visiting in either spring or autumn. The best part of spring is the blooming of the flowers, which is a must-see in nearby Swiss Lugano. Autumn allures photographers as the leaves start to change colour. You can expect to find fewer tourists during this time of the year without the travel disruptions and the reduced schedules of the winter. Depending on the age of your children and the type of activities you want to do, you don’t need to visit during summer.

The Best Places to Visit

Como is usually the first stop for tourists visiting Lake Como. The small town sits at the southern tip of the lake and is accessible within less than an hour from Milan. For this reason, Como Town is a favourite spot for day tripping Italians looking to escape the city. Highlights include a compact town centre with a 15th-century Cathedral acting as the focal point. Visitors can stroll through the historical centre, walk along the lake shore or ride the Como-Brunate Funicular. If you’re with kids, the funicular to Brunate village promises to be a highlight.

Brunate sits at 720 metres in the hill surrounding the southern part of Lake Como. While the village itself is mostly a residential area, it does make a beautiful spot to visit for an hour or two. Kids will appreciate the views and the small play area at the top. But it’s not suitable to parents pushing strollers as the hills tend to be steep.

The second most popular place to visit at Lake Como is Bellagio. Bellagio is in the centre of the lake and offers a charming town centre and ambience to give the sense of the real Italy. Often featuring as one of the most beautiful towns in Europe, tourists can enjoy the view of the lake, find world-class restaurants and stroll through streets lined with flowers. But because of its popularity, you should expect the prices to be slightly higher than other parts of Lake Como. The best way to get to Bellagio is by taking the ferry from Como Town.

For those with older kids who want to head somewhere with more things to do, head to Lecco on the eastern portion of the lake. The city offers a range of activitiessuch as exploring the historical centre, enjoying the views of the Alps and hiking. And it’s a convenient place to travel between Milan and other parts of Lake Como.

Tips for Families

The most important advice for families bringing their children to Lake Como is to plan their trip. If you want to see as much as the lake as possible, you’re going to need to either rent a car or rely on ferries. The first option gives more flexibility and allows you to travel at your own pace. But, most of the town centres are pedestrianised which means you’re going to need to find and pay for parking. Others choose to use the ferry that offers both the experience of getting out on the lake with travelling from A to B. However, some of the slow boats can take up to two hours to get to the towns in the middle of the lake. And the schedules might not be regular. If you’re not careful, you could end up spending several hours to get to or from your destination.

Another suggestion is always to have a backup plan, especially when you’re travelling with younger children. You can never rely on the weather. If you have a solid itinerary planned and everyone is ready to go and it starts to rain, everyone feels depressed. Lake Como is blessed with good weather at most times of the year, but this isn’t always guaranteed. Instead, a smart parent should have a plan B in case of a rainy day. If you only have a few days at the lake, it’s essential to try and see as much as you can. But you also need to have alternatives ready just in case the weather isn’t on your side.

The Perfect Family Holiday to Lake Como

Now that you have the essentials on how to plan your trip to Lake Como, why not get online and start booking it up? Not only will you enjoy the excellent views and historical towns, but it also makes a great spot to spend a few days as a family. Just remember to plan what you’re going to do and how you will get around the lake. And have a backup in case of a rainy day.