4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hotel in Pattaya

As a popular resort city on Thailand’s eastern gulf coast, Pattaya boasts a number of hotels and smaller resorts to choose from. In fact, there are so many it may be difficult to know what to ask when making reservations for your next trip abroad. If you are not familiar with all that Pattaya has to offer, here is a brief guide on choosing the perfect hotel for your stay.

Is Language Going to Be a Barrier?

Many first-time visitors to Pattaya are amazed that most major hotels and resorts do speak at least a bit of conversational English. Unfortunately, this is where it may end. If you have specific wants or needs and are totally unfamiliar with the area, you will want to ensure that, at a minimum, the concierge can speak fluent English. Directions in Thai, the official language, can be difficult to follow.

What Amenities Do You Require?

Sometimes travelers to Pattaya are there for business as well as pleasure. In fact, a large number really don’t want to stray far from their hotel, so they need everything necessary for their stay to be at hand. Does the hotel offer breakfast or tea with the room rate? Are there choices in restaurants on the premises? What about finding a bar in Pattaya? Will you be able to have cocktails there at the hotel or do you have to travel any distance just to have a nightcap before retiring? From laundry facilities to irons and/or hair dryers in the suite, these are all questions you should ask when making your reservation.

What Crowd Does the Hotel/Resort Cater To?

One of the things you will soon learn upon arrival in Pattaya is that there are areas for those who like to party. Many of the local clubs are open 24/7 and so you may want to know whether the hotel you choose is family-friendly if you are bringing children along. Some resorts in the area really aren’t places where families would want to stay, so you may wish to tailor your hotel search to the bigger international chains like Holiday Inn, where you know children will be comfortable.

Activities on Site

Being a resort town, you might expect that most hotels allow guests to wander down to the shore for swimming and sunbathing. Here again, the larger hotels all boast amazing swimming pools and many have rooftop areas for absorbing those rays from the hot afternoon sun. Some have fitness rooms, gyms, and even massage rooms and saunas. So, there you have a few of the most important tips when choosing a hotel in Pattaya. Just bear in mind that Thailand has made quite a name for itself as an international party place and that’s why you might want to truly vet your hotel prior to booking. You’ll have no worries with the larger international chains, but the smaller resorts may have you up dancing until the wee hours of the morn. Even so, this is one vacation you’ll truly appreciate because nowhere on earth can you find fun and food for any age and any taste quite like you can in Thailand.